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As an Alexandria Professional VIP Salon owner, I am very passionate about the art of sugaring! I am very often asked about the differences between sugaring and waxing and why my clients prefer sugaring so strongly. There are quite a few major differences between sugaring and waxing that greatly affect the results of each treatment:


1. Sugar Paste is all natural! Most wax products are made from petroleum based resins and chemicals. Sugar, on the other hand, is entirely natural. With the only ingredients being sugar, water, and citric acid, it is very skin friendly-- it's even edible! Considering that our skin absorbs a great deal of anything we apply to it, many clients choose sugaring over waxing for this fact alone!


2. Sugar Paste cannot adhere to live skin cells. Wax products are made of resins which adhere to any surface it is applied to, including live skin cells, and when it is pulled from the skin, it often causes a great deal of unnecessary pain as well as damage to dermal cells which can cause premature aging. Not so with sugar paste! Sugar paste is incapable of adhering to live skin cells. Therefore, when it is applied to and removed from the skin, it removes the hair and provides a light exfoliation of dead skin cells, leaving the skin silky smooth and glowing.  Many clients find hair removal treatments with sugar paste to be much more comfortable than with wax. 


3.Sugar Paste is removed in the direction of hair growth. When waxing, hair is removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, often resulting in broken hairs which can cause undo pain at the time of treatment as well as painful ingrown hairs after treatment. Sugar paste is applied to the skin such that it seeps into the hair follicle and allows the hair to be lubricated and removed in its entirety in the direction of hair growth. This makes for a much more comfortable experience for the client as well as a tangibly smoother result. 


4. Sugar paste is kept warm- never hot! Unlike wax which is heated to rather extreme temperatures before being applied to the skin, sugar paste is heated only to body temperature. You will never run the risk of burning the skin while sugaring! It's also important to note that the lower temperatures as well as the chemical makeup of sugar paste render it an inhospitable environment for bacteria-- eliminating the risk for cross contamination! 


5. Sugaring leads to permanency! Repeatedly traumatizing the hair follicle in the earliest stage of growth will cause the hair to come back finer and finer until it no longer grows at all. This is what we can achieve through sugaring! The average client experiences a very noticeable reduction in growth after the first treatment! 


Sugaring is changing the hair removal industry one incredible result at a time. Will you be the next convert? 

Benefits of Sugaring vs. Waxing

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