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About Reagan

My name is Reagan Sotelo and I am a licensed Esthetician and certified Sugarist. When I'm not meeting with clients, I can be found with my amazing husband and kids. I also spend a good deal of my spare time singing at open mics around town, leading worship at church, or playing the piano and writing songs at home.


I am a Douglas J Aveda Institute graduate as of February 2017 and licensed in the state of Michigan as of March 2017. Soon after graduation, I fell into a full-time sugaring position in Grand Rapids and learned this unique art of hair removal on the job. I quickly became passionate about teaching my clients the incredible benefits of sugaring versus waxing. I absolutely love what I do because I get the daily opportunity to build into the lives of people in my community and to teach about the sweeter way to remove hair--sugaring!


Sugaring for Athletes

Many athletes experience problems with painful ingrown hairs and rashes due to sweating and chafing--this can be greatly improved through the wonders of sugaring! 


Sugaring greatly reduces the risks of:


- Chafing and rashes associated with moisture (sweat) retained close to the skin

- Uncomfortable and infected ingrown hairs

-Lowered functionality of moisture-wicking fabrics

Athletes who have been sugared experience benefits like:

- Reduced friction 

- Better concentration and focus

- Increased endurance

-Tighter fit for padding and clothing


Some athletes have tried to take care of their hair by shaving--resulting in razor bumps and ingrown hairs because the remaining root of the hair still absorbs and holds the moisture that causes them. Give yourself the athletic advantage with sugaring!


Benefits of Sugaring vs. Waxing

As an Alexandria Professional VIP Salon owner, I am very passionate about the art of sugaring! I am very often asked about the differences between sugaring and waxing and why my clients prefer sugaring so strongly. There are quite a few major differences between sugaring and waxing that greatly affect the results of each treatment:


1. Sugar paste is all natural! 


2. Sugar paste cannot adhere to live skin cells. 


3.Sugar paste is removed in the direction of hair growth. 


4. Sugar paste is kept warm - never hot!

5. Sugaring leads to permanency!


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